Youth Work

Youth Club - raising the roof!Our Youth Work is really important to us at River of Life. Read on to find out more about our Youth Group, a new initiative called 'Active Compassion' that sees our youth going out into Nyendo and blessing others, our Community Film Nights and, of course, our Sports Ministry.

SATURDAY YOUTH GROUP - We have a youth group held on Saturday evenings 5-7pm for youth aged 13-20. This is a time for fun and crazy games mixed with bible study and learning more about how we’re called to live our lives as Christians. We deal with a range of real and burning issues that affect the lives of youth in this day and age, Christians and non-Christians alike.

Active Compassion - impacting the community with our kids’ enthusiasmACTIVE COMPASSION - This is a recent initiative that we’re looking to start soon with the youth which will see us putting our faith into action through practical acts of compassion that will bless the communities in which we live. For those of you familiar to the idea, it's a kind of "Soul in the City" type project that will see young people hitting the streets to help with cleaning up areas of deprivation, helping those in need (e.g. old people with collecting water & shopping, the poor by buying them food and clothes etc.) and at the same time sharing the love of Christ with them.

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