White Eagles

Some of the White Eagles outside the churchOn Boxing Day, 1999, 21 boys from the streets of Nyendo, an extremely poor trading area of Masaka, Uganda, were invited to leave the streets and sleep at River of Life Church. Members of the Church had been reaching out to the different gangs, and the time was right to step the work up a gear, and start providing basic care. To start with, the boys' were difficult and disruptive. Street kids are no angels after all, they're survivors...

The Boys chose the name 'White Eagles' themselves, and we started implementing a rehabilitating and reintegrating programme to help bring the boys back into society. After six months built the first 6 rooms of a Children's centre and started putting the boys into school. Read our history to find out more about this exciting time!

Some of the White Eagle girls outside their homeFive years later, with some great lessons learned, the death of a dear Mum with 4 dependent girls prompted the expansion of the children's project to include girls. Through the generous donations of our supporters, we established the girls' home off the church site.

The White Eagles Project is going from strength to strength. Our vision has always been to equip and train our kids so that they can realise their full potential. It's always brilliant to see them do so well in the Primary Leaving Examinations each year - although no one has surpassed Mwesigwa's crowning achievement of getting the best results in the district and his picture in the paper! Whether it's further study at Nile Vocational College, football training with the Ugandan National Youth squad, secondary education and University or going to the National Scouts Jamboree, we want the very very best for our kids!

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