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Shop and search onlineUsing Everyclick, you can turn the every day activity of searching the web into a fundraising venture! In the UK over 130,000 people have raised £1,000,000 for charity in this way. There are lots of different ways you can use Everyclick - the simplest is to visit the River of Life search page and start searching online!

  • You can do all this with Everyclick too, by creating an account and logging in:
  • Use Everyclick Donate to make an online donation
  • Everyclick Sponsorship lets you launch an appeal and organise sponsorship
  • With Everyclick Shop you can shop online with leading retailers
  • Everyclick Local lets you can search and post online classifieds
  • Everyclick eVouchers are a simple way to give friends a cash gift that they can give to the charity of their choice
  • Everyclick Greetings send an online greeting with a donation attached

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