An Internally Displaced Persons camp in Northern Uganda - cramped, un-sanitary and desperateUganda has been described as 'the pearl of Africa', but beneath the beauty of its landscape and the joyful optimism of its people, there are deep grievances and divisions. Tribalism and political patronage/isolation keep tensions within and between communities simmering away, for the most part just below the surface. Part of our vision is to work and pray tirelessly to remove the stench of division and tribalism from Uganda, as much as we can.

River of Life has promoted Church unity within Masaka for a number of years, and we’re becoming more involved at a national level. We are also very very keen to play our part in the national reconciliation of Uganda. After 20 years of what the then UN Secretary for Humanitarian Affairs called "the world's worse forgotten humanitarian crisis", northern Uganda is teetering on the brink of peace. Peace talks between the Government of Uganda and the rebel group, the LRA, have been grinding on, giving the people of Northern Uganda a chance to move out of the horrendously overcrowded and filthy camps and return home. Reconciliation - Building bridges between north and south UgandansWe believe the Church in Uganda has a big role to play in healing the divisions between people living in the north and the south, and so have launched an exciting new initiative that seeks to support those in need in the North, whilst fostering understanding and love between Ugandans, wherever they live, and from whatever tribe they come from! If you would like to be part of this work, please get in touch.

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