Prayer Mt

A Call to prayer and intercession fro the Nations - Pastor Duncan blowing the shofarPrayer, fasting and intercession are central parts of our life at River of Life Church. We have felt led to establish Masaka Prayer Mountain for the Nations - it is so much on our hearts and we really believe this year, 2008, is the year to really get going with this project! Even before we came to Uganda 15 years ago we knew that the prayer mountain would be on nearby Misali Hill…

Duncan received a fuller vision of what he wanted us to pray for in 1997 at Ashburnham near Hastings. God gave Duncan a vision of a small light burning on Misaali Hill then becoming a big flame and the Lord said to Duncan: "These lights are lights of Revival! I want you to build prayer huts for every nation of the World, so that when people go up to pray they will give a tithe of their time to pray for revival for the nation allocated to the specific prayer hut."

Masaka Prayer Mountain for the Nations - a big vision!At present we only have 3 prayer huts, and we have encountered opposition from local witchdoctors - there is a shrine very nearby. People have vandalised the existing huts, but we have plans in hand to secure the area, cultivate the gardens, build more huts and resume regular all night prayer meetings. If you want to know more about the Prayer Mountain, please get in touch!

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