Our History (cont'd)

Five years later, their hard work has paid off: both were awarded the top marks possible in their Primary Leaving Examinations. Martin even featured in a National newspaper for gaining the best results in the district. From the brutal streets of Nyendo to national accolades, Martin's happiness matches his heartfelt words: "I give God all the glory for what He has achieved in my life!"

Our History - most of the White Eagles giving it their all!Not all the White Eagles' stories end with a photo in the paper of course, but River of Life is committed to providing an environment where children's educational, health, emotional, spiritual and social needs are met. And it doesn't stop with the 27 boys now enrolled with the project. The vision has always included providing for destitute girls as well, and Nakati's death has launched this new ministry. "So many are in need," explains Duncan, "the church also supports widows and their children – Nakati's family were with us from the start." Mary takes up the account. "The girls were devastated. I had so many questions: who could look after them, what should we do? Nothing will replace their own mum, but we knew we were to establish a girls' home." Indeed to see the girls, and the other ‘White Eagles' now, thriving under the care and love of the fellowship of River of Life Church, gives new meaning to King David's song: "You have turned my sorrow into joyful dancing!" (Psalm 30:11).

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