Our Commitment to quality, holistic care & sustainability

Our Commitment - wanting the very bestWe are motivated by Love to help those in need (see Our Vision). We believe it's very important not to spread ourselves to thin – something that’s very easy to do when there is so much need. So we are committed to a balance of maintaining a level of quality, offering holistic care, and working towards ensuring sustainability.

QUALITY - This is our biggest focus, because ultimately we believe that it is not enough to help just a little bit, to just throw a drowning man a lifebelt so he can just keep his head above water. It needs much more than a lifebelt to transform a life. The way adults and children used to live and work has changed greatly in the West over the last two centuries, and it was often Christian philanthropists at the forefront of this social transformation. Our belief is that we should have a standard to aim for: a level of quality of education, of health and hygiene, of living conditions, of food.Our Commitment to quality - some of the White Eagle girls at their home We’re not there yet, but we aim for it! It means we give our kids the best possible education (which, of course, is not necessarily the priciest!) we can afford. It means we teach them to stand up straight, as children loved, and valued, by God. It means we teach them to behave with dignity and to hold their own. It means we teach them to show respect to each other as well as those in authority. And it means that they know that their pasts are their pasts, and the choices they make today are in the sure knowledge that God has given them the chance to change, and to show others the grace, love and compassion that is extended to them.

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