Our Commitment (cont'd)

Our Commitment to holistic care - social, spiritual, emotional and physicalHOLISTIC CARE - Part of our commitment to providing good quality care is to do our best to offer holistic care – to do our best to meet the social, spiritual, emotional and physical needs of those we reach out to, whether they are a former street child or a destitute grandmother. For the White Eagles, project, we have a series of objectives to help us remain committed to ‘holistic care’. These include establishing suitable recreational programmes during term and holiday time, placing the kids in appropriate primary or secondary schools according to their academic ability, providing a balanced and healthy diet, ensuring they keep fit and treat medical needs appropriately whilst maintaining a safe living environment by promoting health education, teaching on health and safety and personal hygiene. We also seek to ensure the spiritual and emotional needs of the children are met by giving them opportunity to talk through issues with their key worker, and encouraging participation in a daily evening fellowship and other church services. In this way we hope to teach our kids the importance of being good citizens, to care and help those who are not so privileged, and at the same time teach them that actions speak louder than words. We take spiritual care seriously, teaching the Bible to our children, teaching them to stand up for the truth rather than go with the crowd. Most of all, we teach them that their past does not have to control their future – God knows them, and has a plan for each and everyone!

Our Commitment to sustainability – exploring ways of sustainably generating incomeSUSTAINABILITY - We're very keen to develop sustainably – to be mindful of our resources - financial, environmental, human and physical. One way of becoming more sustainable is to develop income generation projects to help support our charitable work – to complement the donations we receive from abroad. As our income generating work develops, we will reach out more to support other projects in the community. We dearly desire to get outside the walls of our church and home to help others – not just in our community but also in other parts of Uganda and the rest of the world. We help others in setting up small and medium sized enterprises. The old Chinese proverb "Give a man a fish, feed him for a day – teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime" might be clichéd but it still rings very, very true in Uganda. We are also very keen to minimise the risk of developing a dependency culture – where people look to others to help them out instead of being proactive themselves.

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