Church Ministries

Mercy missions - reaching out to address the needs of the most destituteRiver of Life Church has a Hospital Ministry, a Prison Ministry and Village Ministry. All are centred on responding to the spiritual and physical needs of the destitute - it's hard work, because we can only give what we have, and the needs are so great there is never enough! But God's mercy is limitless…

Ugandan health services are very different to the NHS in the UK! Wards are frequently overcrowded - sometimes with twice as many people as there are beds. Relatives are expected to provide care to patients - nurses are very overstretched. The Hospital Ministry is run by an elder of River of Life. She faithfully reaches out to the poorest of the poor - so many of the patients do not have anyone to cook their food, to bathe them or to wash their clothes. We are able to show Love in the simplest of ways – bathing patients, providing some food, washing clothes. Similarly, our Prison Ministry responds to the spiritual and physical needs of some of the least-loved people in Uganda. Prisoners are often treated as the lowliest of the low, but God loves them as much as He loves us! Currently our Prison Ministry team is re-grouping, and concentrating on praying for prisoners as we look for avenues to get into the prisons.

Mercy missions - being blessed through blessing others!Our Village ministry is an exciting new addition to the Mercy Missions ministry. The team ministers to those who have been abused, physically, sexually or verbally, and provide for physical needs when we can. Read the story of how we got going with the Village Ministry through responding to the desperate plight of a young girl.

Mercy Missions to the Hospital, Prison and villages are some of the most important parts of our ministries, but to date it has suffered for lack of funds. It remains one of our priorities – could you be part of reaching out to the poorest of the poor? Partner with us!

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